Table Woodworking Plans To Create a Work Surface

Posted By Ron White 2/6/14

If you are new to woodworking one of the easiest projects to start with in your woodworking shop is a table. We are going to discuss the basic steps needed to produce your own utility table from some basic stock using your own imagination and creativity.

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There are many table woodworking plans available and all will start with creating a stable base for your table. This base will consist of two long sides, two short sides, and three stringers.

The table gets the support that allows you to place objects on it from the stringers. When installing the stringers it is important to make sure that they are evenly spaced.

The base of the table requires a butt-joint assembly. You will need to check to make sure the base is both square and stable after you assemble it. The next step in the process is to attach the legs. Make sure you have cut these evenly and that they are square after you assemble them.

At this point you will notice a little space between the base of the table and the legs. The best thing to do here is to fill it with wood glue. You do not want to use screws if the legs are made from relatively thin wood because this will cause cracking.

It is important to make sure that there are no cracks whatsoever in the legs. This will compromise the stability of the entire table and at some point will either require repair or even replacement.

Once you have glued the legs to the base the next step in the process is to attach the stringers.

Now that the stringers are attached to the legs and the base of the table you may not think that they look pleasing to the eye but you need to remember that this table is to be used for your
woodworking projects
and the purpose is to provide the strength and stability that you will need.

You need to get an accurate measurement for the distance between the legs before cutting the stringers. Remember that this is a utility table and you will be using it for some heavy objects such as saws, stock wood and other items which will require that the table be strong and stable.

Now place the table upside down and start getting your measurements. Start with the short side where the legs are closest to each other. There will be a total of four stringers installed.

The remaining two stringers will be attached to the legs that are furthest apart. For added stability the stringers on the short side should be placed four to five inches from the ground while those on the long side should be closer to the middle.

A good working height for your table would be about 34 inches. This would mean that the center of the stringer on the long side should be placed 17 inches from the floor. If you feel that you would like to add strength to your table this can be done by placing additional stringers on the short side of the table. A good way to attach these additional stringers is with small door hinges.

Small screws can be used to attach the stingers. The last step is to get the measurements for the base that you have just constructed, Measure both the long and short sides and cut a piece of plywood to these measurements. Nail the plywood to the base of the table and you now have a strong functional utility base.

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